Savell of Trusted Insurance Professionals part of Leadership Indian River County

I graduated from the Leadership Program in 2007 and felt the program offered great insight into Indian River County on a very broad scope.  Learning as much as I did helped inspire me to open my own business and give back to the community.  I encourage anyone that is part of the community to take the class, you will absolutely learn and grow from everything you learn. An added bonus was some long-term friendships and business relationships that resulted as part of my participation in the class.  Overall amazing experience!” -Jackie Savell, Trusted Insurance Professionals LLC

Leadership Indian River County is a community leadership program offered by the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce. The 7-session training program brings together a cross-section of the community, representing our social, economic and geographic diverse population for a hands-on, multi-disciplinary study of our community. Participants gain an introduction to the infrastructure, natural resources and current political issues of Indian River County and an understanding of what constitutes leadership.

The program is based on a model that incorporates nourishing and developing community leaders: building community knowledge, developing leadership skills, and gaining an understanding of community stewardship. The program prepares participants for active involvement in public and private sectors and civic responsibility creating a better informed and vigorous leadership with a greater understanding of county needs- now and in the future.

Participants are selected on the basis of demonstrated leadership ability as well as evidence of community interest and commitment. Nominations are submitted by individuals, area businesses and community organizations. A class of 20 individuals are selected annually for this tuition based program. Program participants have numerous opportunities to interact opportunity and dialogue with established community leadership.

For additional information contact Indian River County Chamber of Commerce 772-567-3491 or click here.

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